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Media monitoring service can help you plan better, react faster, and have a deeper understanding of your brand’s media presence. Yet, it can often be ‘not entirely correct’. 

Monitoring agencies do their level best to provide the best service they can. We know, because we work with several of them, and we witness the effort they put in.

The trick lies in having to juggle multiple responsibilities and not being the experts in the automotive field. 

For communications teams to get what they really want from their monitoring service, it requires a level of focus and knowledge, like ours at loop, to ensure consistently accurate results that are relevant to your needs, just like a race team needs a driver to keep everything ‘on track’ through skill and continual adjustments.

Make the most of your service by ensuring you have someone who understands the industry managing it, knowing and counteracting the common issues, and focusing on the value that media monitoring can add to your business.

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