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Eatron Technologies and Syntiant introduce AI-powered BMS-on-a-chip solution

Eatron Technologies and Syntiant introduce AI-powered BMS-on-a-chip solution

A new system-on-a-chip, the result of an ongoing collaboration between battery management experts Eatron Technologies and edge AI leader Syntiant, offers an unprecedented turnkey solution to the challenges of battery performance and safety for light mobility, industrial and consumer electronics applications.

The integration-friendly AI-BMS-on-chip can unlock 10% additional capacity and enhance battery lifespan by up to 25%, while substantially reducing time-to-market. The optimised solution delivers exceptional performance and efficiency in a remarkably cost-effective package, combining Eatron’s Intelligent Software Layer with Syntiant’s ultra-low power Neural Decision Processor.

Eatron’s pre-trained models deliver state-of-health, state-of-charge, and remaining useful life assessments with exceptional accuracy out of the box, thereby maximising available power. Predictive diagnostics, meanwhile, can detect potential battery issues long before they occur, enhancing safety.

By capitalising on the efficient processing power of Syntiant’s NDP120, the AI-BMS-on-chip can operate on the edge, where it can deliver real-time analysis and decision-making directly on the device without needing to rely on complex cloud infrastructure that would otherwise introduce cost, latency and power consumption issues.

The jointly-developed plug-and-play solution will bring performance, safety and longevity enhancements to a wide range of battery-powered applications, from consumer electronics and e-bikes to micro LCVs and forklifts. The AI-BMS-on-chip can be customised through a user-friendly toolchain that allows it to be optimised to each individual application, while existing BMS hardware can be easily upgraded to take advantage of its best-in-class performance.

“We are now running our latest AI models completely integrated on the edge in the Syntiant chip,” said Amedeo Bianchimano, Chief Product Delivery Officer at Eatron Technologies. “With AI-BMS-on-chip, we can ensure any battery-powered application can be deployed in the millions in complete safety while getting the most out of the battery.”

“Our NDP120 allows Eatron’s software to process all the data on the edge for batteries,” said Mallik P. Moturi, Chief Business Officer at Syntiant Corp. “It enhances battery life, safety and performance. This makes it perfect for everything from consumer electronics all the way to commercial vehicles.”

Further details are available here: https://eatron.com/the-future-of-battery-management-aipower-on-the-edge/

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